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If you want to create trust, credibility and build traffic all at the same time, video marketing is one of the most effective strategies you can use for your business. Video marketing is exploding and will soon be the most popular online marketing strategy.


Who doesn’t?! There’s no reason why video marketing shouldn’t benefit every business.


#1 People Like Watching Videos. You give a room full of people who you want to train or educate in some way the option of that training to be delivered by written content or a video and the majority will choose the video option. It has also been proven that with the use of video your audience will respond with much greater force.


#2 It Decreases Website Bounce Rate. Whether it is one video or ten, your website bounce rate will decrease with a video. Depending on how well the video is made and how long it is you could really hold a website visitor on your website much longer.


#3 It Potentially Could Increase Your Video Rankings. If you upload your videos into the video sharing websites and really optimize them with strong well thought out and eye catching titles, descriptions, and the use of links where you can, chances are that specific video will become a great candidate to really increase in rankings.


#4 Still An Early Technology. Like everything digital, online video sharing technology is relatively new compared to older forms of marketing which means that the process is only going to grow from here. Accessibility and ease of use also factor in its growth and many entrepreneurs and mainline companies are already leveraging the amazing technology for opportunities that exist in helping to develop their business.


#5 Increases Branding & Credibility. When a business creates a new professional video they are strengthening their brand identity from the standpoint of their audience. Branding increase and credibility is often times instilled into your website visitors.


#6 It Gets Your Message Across Directly,Quickly And Succinctly..AND With A Personal Touch. I use video emailing and how much easier is it to send a video email than a written one? Well unless you’re a super fast 1000 words a minute type of person,then let’s just say a lot! I can get a message across via video a much quicker in a minute than I could write that message! And with time being of the essence to any successful business then that is a huge plus as far as I’m concerned. But apart from the speed advantage you’re also getting your message across in a direct and personable way.The reactions I get back from sending a video email to a written one are 100 times greater,which means creating interest,which turns into business. The personal connection with your potential market is a huge selling factor. By utilizing video, your audience can truly get to know you.



Online video marketing may be currently deemed as a young approach but if untilised correctly it will undoubtedly create many benefits. Take the time to figure out exactly how to incorporate a little bit of video into your business model. And it’s not rocket science-anyone can do it.

Success: Many internet marketers are still not using it, which leaves a lot of room for success.

Social proof: People are skeptical about claims they read online. Video puts a face to your words and makes you more believable and trustworthy. We do business with people we know like and trust, right?

Convenience: Video is viewed on demand of the prospect or customer, when they want and how they want

Going Viral: A “viral” video can be unstoppable once in motion. Videos have the tendency to be shared quickly and easily thanks to all the new social media networking sites out there.

Then watch your business start to explode.

If you want to know more about what I personally use check out the Recommended Resources page or email mail me for further information

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