Putting Your Iron In The Fire-A Guide to Branding

I’ve been involved with branding in a professional capacity for over 20 years. It’s an essential part of my work in Network Marketing and in addition to that I am a Marketing Consultant for a Brand Identity company.

Branding can be defined as everything that anyone thinks or feels when they see or hear your name, the name of your product, service or organization.

So building a strong brand depends on creating,or having, a distinctive identity.

This site is about building people for success so I’d like to talk to you about Personal Branding.

Brand Iron


#1 Know Your Goal- To use a Football analogy (Soccer for my American friends!),you can’t score without a goal! To be successful you need a plan. Someone looking to promote themselves just because they think they should because they see others doing it, will soon become transparent. But if you are passionate about what you want to share and what you want to achieve,then that passion will come through and be appreciated. So find your niche, write it down,study your niche subject frequently,create a mission statement about what you intend to do and who you intend to share that value with,then build a plan. At all stages write it down..don’t just keep your plan and statement in your head,but put it somewhere you can see it. Maybe even put it up on a wall somewhere.This will act not only as a reminder but also an encouragement and help keep you focused. Once you’ve done all that,put it into action.


#2 Be Memorable! First impressions count so have a strong visual presence.If that is online then use a picture that is unique.


#3 Be Consistent! My yellow sofa and I get around!! You’ll find me currently using the same image on Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Digg ..etc. Consistency links to being memorable. And it doesn’t look good if someone sees you on one online platform,wants to know more, and look to connect with you on,say, Facebook to find your image is a photo of your pet hamster. Likewise,reinforce your name so that it’s the same throughout all online platforms. If I get to someones Twitter and see they’re called CutiePie The Third,I won’t be taking them seriously..nor talking to them ever again.


#4 Set Up A Personal Website. Create a website (or blog) where you share “Brand You”. Share your goal(s) share your passions..be useful..share value! Be a good communicator.Build relationships.


#5 Participate Consistently And Share Consistently. Comment on other people’s blogs,leave comments on Facebook…Tweet on Twitter… and be active in discussions on LinkedIn. Be noticed..and again..be useful! Also be consistent in the standard of content that you share on your blog ,and make regular updates.


#6 Personally Develop! If you stop developing your skills,guess what? Yep,you stop developing! So don’t ever turn off from learning new things. Get involved in seminars,read books,watch tutorial and inspirational videos,and basically utilize anything you can get your hands on that is going to have an impact on you,and in turn,impact others.


#7 Be Excellent! In every way that you share who you are,do it to the best of your ability. Remember that your personal brand is what other people think of you,so if you’re sending an email,meeting someone for the first time (or even the 100th time),talking on the phone,connecting on Social Media..it’s all your personal branding in action, and it is your personal branding that separates you from everyone else so be great at it.

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