Making the Most of Time


So I was walking up a side road to the castle in Prague yesterday and got to a main road and may well have stepped straight in front of Tram but for a young man who shouted at me to stop!

First I’m glad that the Czech Rep’ is not Health and Safety crazy like the UK but a couple of signs here and there wouldn’t go amiss.

And second, it’s moments like this that make you want to speak Latin. *

But for that young mans shout, yesterday could have been my last day on planet earth! And if it was could I say I have achieved everything I want to achieve? Absolutely not. Do I think that everyday I live life to the fullest? Again absolutely not.

So I have to say I’m grateful for that moment yesterday as sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how fleeting life can seem (and actually is in the greater scheme of things), and how important it is to see that our time is precious and to use it wisely and always to the best of our abilities.

Get the most out of today…and everyday. I plan to.

* Carpe Diem (Seize the day).

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