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Procrastination..the bane of many people’s lives and often a block to success.So what is it? Psychologists define it as “the conscious or subconscious avoidance of doing something”

If its effects are neglected it becomes a habit.

Even if it’s not a habit for you I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point in life – you know there are things that need to be done,but either you don’t want to do them now,or you don’t want to face them, or it might be something that you want to do but just can’t get yourself focused enough to do it.

One thing for sure though is it can be a serious issue for people and a real killer of dreams – after all it’s a self-destructive habit. It can also seriously affect your wealth!

So why do we do it and what are the effects of it?

1). Well, life is busy, and in this age of mass information there are literally 1000’s of things we could give our attention to – all pulling us in different directions. So rather than doing one of those things we end up doing nothing-at least nothing well or completely.
One major issue is use of social media or should I say misuse of social media! Most people who use it are on it way too much. Sure it can be useful and can in fact have a huge positive impact on your business, but don’t live on it!

2). The second reason people procrastinate is a fear of not doing the task right. If we have a passion about what we want to do we can so much want to get it right, even to the point of perfection that it becomes in the subconscious, and then in reality, an impossibility.

3). Fear of failure. A little similar but this fear says even if you do it right what if you fail?

4). Lack of planning. Set out on a journey without a map and you going to get lost. Likewise embarking on a venture in you life without a plan and the same applies

And the effects?

Well first it can make you unproductive. It can cause guilt,low self esteem and stress. David Allen,the Author of “getting things done” said much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do,it comes from not finishing what they started.”

So what can we do about it?
Here’s a few tips:

The key to it is self-discipline, so work on that within yourself on a daily basis.
1). Break your work or tasks into smaller steps. You do this by making a plan. There’s no reason to get overwhelmed if the tasks are broken down.

So make a plan-what I do is break my tasks down to hours, so I know exactly what I’ve set myself to do in every hour of my working day. Of course, make the plan realistic. So make that plan and stick to it as best you can!

2) Wherever possible start with the hardest task first. Dale Carnegie the author of “How to win friends and influence people” said, “do the hard jobs first and the easy jobs will take care of themselves”. This way will relax you and make you feel good about yourself and put the other tasks in perspective.

3). Make a start!! Les Brown that fantastic motivational speaker said “you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great”! So take a deep breath and dive in!!

4). Get inspired! Talking of Les Brown and Dale Carnegie, those who you hang around with influence you,so hang around with people like that! Every day plan into your day some inspirational food. Maybe while you’re having breakfast or during a break, jump onto YouTube and watch or listen to some great teaching by the likes of Les Brown,Tony Robbins,Jim Rohn,Brian Tracy.All great teachers who will always have an inspirational impact on your day and life.

5). If you can recognise that you need support to overcome issues of procrastination, be accountable. What I mean by that is to get alongside someone – a friend, perhaps someone who also has some goals they want to achieve, and maybe someone who has similar goals,like for example a friend you work with in Network Marketing, and hold each other accountable to your goals and visions. Encourage each other when you stumble and encourage each other when you do well.

6). You are not going to attain perfection on this earth so don’t expect it or wait for a perfect time to start something. It doesn’t exist…just do it!!

7) Finish everything!! It’s tiring when you’ve got lots of things in life that are clutters your brain! So avoid that by finishing every task that you have set for yourself.

8) Last of all, know the value of time. Time is precious. There’s potentially great things for your life so don’t block those things by putting things off. You might right now have a fantastic opportunity in your hands,or you might be about to embark on something new,so take hold of it without delay and don’t let procrastination rob you of another day of your life!!

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