Launch Window

There is a period of time in which a launch vehicle (such as a Rocket or Space Shuttle) must be launched. If it’s not launched within the “window”, it has to wait for the next window.

The launch has to be timed just right so that the ships path intersects with the targets orbit and they meet in the exact same time and place.

Missing the launch window might mean missing the target completely.

Opportunities are there to be seized. Yes make sure it’s right for you; yes do due diligence, but then go for it while you can.

Grasping an opportunity such as a new business venture or any challenge maybe a little scary, and you may think you don’t have all the skills, but like any exploration, the key is in taking the first steps..then anything is possible! You are sure to learn en route, and there will always be people around to support you.

So…do all the checks…and go for it!!!

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