Richard Branson’s Weakness







There’s a great story that Richard Branson tells in his autobiography “Screw It Lets Do It!”

When he was at school he struggled with dyslexia. At that time there was no support for, or much recognition of dyslexia, and as a result his teachers often gave him a hard time.

He knew he wasn’t up to the same level of skill in reading and writing as the rest of his class.

But Richard had an inner belief that surpassed his circumstances.

It would make sense to listen to what his teachers were saying about his future and you would easily understand it if he decided that he could still do some good things but those that were outside the confines of his disability.

But he saw things differently. He was made of different stuff.

Rather than saying “I don’t read and write too well, so I’ll concentrate on building a career that doesn’t involve needing those skills too much, he said “I don’t read and write too well so I’m going to be a journalist”!

He decided to turn his weakness into strength.

And not only did he leave school to try to find a job as a journalist-that would be the easy route-but instead he left school and set up his own magazine!

At the age of just 16 he was interviewing the likes of John Lennon and Mick Jagger.

That was the first company he set up and it grew and grew and was grounding for all the skills and business acumen that would see him build one of the most successful business empires ever seen.

Don’t let limitations hold you back. Have the mindset that says that even if you have a weakness (and don’t we all!), then that weakness can be turned to strength.

And yes that will involve you going out of your comfort zone and might be difficult for a while, but with perseverance you can accomplish amazing things.

Every challenge in our lives is there for a purpose – so that we can find a way of turning it into strength.

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