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The preconception of daydreaming has often been that it is a sign of being out of touch with reality, that if you’re a daydreamer then you will never achieve anything.But there are two types. There’s the white fluffy cloud fantasy waste of time daydreaming that could steal from you, and then there’s brilliant mind daydreaming, which could potentially add to you in abundance.

What if you were to harness the power of your dreams…to dream big?

Thomas Edison was a great daydreamer.

But his daydream was not to invent the light bulb.

His daydream was to light the planet earth at night!

He started with a big daydream and then took steps to find the solution.

The difference between the waste of time daydreamer and the brilliant mind daydreamer  -which anyone can chose to be- is to take that dream and then start taking action: make plans, be a constant learner, and if necessary be prepared to take risks.

It’s possible….anything is… Dream big..have a big vision, then work to make it come true.




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