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There are millions of people in the world who during at least one point in their lives have come up with a great idea,or had a great ambition. It’s natural…we’re born that way. Kids are amazing,they have great dreams and great ambitions.

These dreams and ambitions can diminish in time for a variety of reasons.Sometimes simply because we’re not allowing them to be seen. They start as a thought in our minds..and they stay there..and then can grow dim.

One simple way to keep a dream or ambition alive is to start by write it down.

Writing something down creates a focus. It’s out there…it’s alive! And there to develop and grow. Something happens when we write something down.

If you have an idea,dream or ambition I personally would suggest making these steps:

1. First of all write it out by hand. A connection is made between your eyes and the physiological effect of writing it down. Transfer it onto some electronic device at some point if you wish,but handwrite it first.

2. Put it somewhere that it can be seen…on your your bed etc.

3. Read it out loud often..daily even.

Having done all these three things you are creating a connection between:

The Audio – what you hear
The Visual – what you see
The Kinesthetic – what you feel

Setting your goals-seeing them in front of you on paper before you see them come,is like creating a road map. Once you’ve got it,and you keep looking at it,your going to know where you’re going,and you’re going to get there.

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