Keep Digging!

In Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think And Grow Rich’ he tells a story of a a man who got caught by the “Gold Fever” in the days of the gold-rush.

He bought his stake and picked up a shovel and started digging.

After weeks of back aching work he finally caught his first glimpse of the object of his dreams.

He found enough precious ore to encourage him to go further, so he invested in all the machinery he was going to need and started mining. The initial returns showed that he had landed on one of the richest mines in Colorado!

But then…major discouragement..the vein of gold disappeared! They drilled on,hoping to find the vein again,but nothing appeared.

Finally,they had had enough discouragement,and quit.

They sold the machinery for a few hundred dollars to a junk man and went back home. The junk man called in a mining engineer to look at the mine and he discovered that the project had failed because the owners weren’t familiar with “fault lines”. 

He calculated that the vein would be just 3 feet from where they had stopped drilling,and that’s exactly where it was!!

If like me you are in Network Marketing, you will know the power of perseverance. If you get discouraged,you have people around you who can,and will invest time in you and help in anyway they can. Never try to go it alone,and always be open to receive expert advice. Right now you might be on the verge of breakthrough,so get some input,get inspired and keep digging! The rewards are potentially life changing,and not just on a financial level,but in so many ways.

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