I read a great thing the other day about a tree!

There’s not much that can withstand the force of a Hurricane. Devastation can be seen all around,and trees as mighty as the Oak will be brought crashing down.

But you know what does better than most in those extreme conditions? A Palm Tree.

Palms,although maybe a bit skinny and flimsy looking do remarkably well in high winds because they are capable of bending all the way over til the tip touches the ground,and then they bounce back.

But what’s pretty amazing about a Palm is that during a hurricane when the Palm is being bent and pushed over,it’s root system gets strengthened by the stress,which gives it new opportunities for growth.

If you’re going through a bit of a hard time right now or things are not breaking through as you’d hoped at this stage in your business,remember we’re made in the same durable manner. Don’t let discouragement rob you of your dreams,but instead,bounce back,and know that when you do you’re stronger than before.

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