You Are What You Eat!

I’m all for the occasional Pizza,and if you’re buying I’ll have a hot ‘n’ spicy pepperoni please.

But I also enjoy my fitness and well being,so if I were to eat one every day,I’m not going to be feeling- or looking too good!

Have you seen the movie “Supersize Me”? If you ever needed evidence of what will happen if you constantly eat junk,well there it is!

Whatever you’re taking in is what, or who you become.So if you eat lots of fatty foods…guess what happens?!

And I believe that you can apply “whatever you take in is what you become” to all aspects of life. It’s a fact of life!

Sometimes those things that you take in can add to your life and to your development,and sometimes not.

I’d like to spend a bit of time now talking to you about something which can be a useful source of information,make you laugh,make you cry,or, if used in excess,can become a bad habit,waste time,have a huge effect on peoples lives and steal dreams: TELEVISION.



If someone is sitting around watching hours of TV then whatever they’re watching-good or bad is what is feeding their mind, and soul,which in turn will effect their actions and reactions.

Personally I don’t own a TV.I had 3 in my house and gave them away about 3 years ago. I found I was wasting too much time watching it when there were other things that could make better use of my time. Of course there are some great things on there,and I do occasionally watch something that interests me online,but what concerns me are 2 things: the amount of TV that is, on average,consumed,and the habit of TV.

Maybe getting rid of your TV might be a bit of a drastic move for you,and maybe it’s not necessary-It’s all a question of discipline.

For me I know how I tick.If there’s a cream cake and a tonne of other fatty foods in my fridge I’ll eat them,so my fridge is full of fruit and vegetables..and so I eat them. Likewise,if I had a TV,I’d watch it….I don’t have one, so I do other things.

TV can become routine – just a pattern that dictates your time,and consequently a large portion of your life.

It can also be like a form of escape.

Having run more than one business with huge responsibilities I fully realize that life can be stressful, and so to want to get away from it all is understandable. But my take on it is this: Getting away from it all can be fruitful,”escaping” from it isn’t.

What I mean by that is getting away from it all is akin to the old adage “a change is as good as a rest”,whereby you do something different,you introduce something new,like adding a new dynamic, so that ‘something’ may be for example taking up a hobby,joining a gym,reading etc. Those things are all going to feed you in a positive way.

Escaping in terms of escapism, means you “turn off” and get numb!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying TV is evil or anything like that.

But I wanted to talk about it-and especially in this category of “Entrepreneur Mindset” because being a successful entrepreneur means being prepared to do things that the majority would not do,and maybe also it means being prepared to NOT do what the majority would do!

“The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is”. – Charles M Schwab

The majority come home from work, switch on the box and watch any old thing,and it’s on and and viewed until it’s time for bed,then the same pattern of work and TV begins all over again the next day.

Forming habits can be good,dependent of course on the habits that you’re forming.

If you’re forming habits that are going to stimulate you mentally,inspire you,educate you and keep you fit (therefore giving you more stamina and helping you to be sharper in both mind and body,what all those things are doing is developing your character and equipping you to succeed.

“Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character”. – Stephen Covey

So,just to recap. No TV is not evil,but don’t let it steal your dreams.

If you are a TV watcher I’d like to encourage you to do the following:

#1 Be selective with what you watch:be entertained,but let that entertainment be edifying.

#2 Also use it as an educational tool. 

#3 Try examining how much TV you watch sometime – time yourself daily for a week – see how many hours you are actually watching..then adjust accordingly!

#4 Limit the amount of time per day.

#5 Don’t make it a priority.


#6 Create a new habit.Something/s that are going to benefit you.


#7 Know where the “OFF” button is!

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