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Linkedin has been one of those sites where a majority of people have set up a page,put in some basic information, in the same way you would a resume,and then just let it sit there and gone to the place called home for networking ie Facebook.

Times though,they are a changing as the true value of LinkedIn is getting recognised. It currently has around 100 million users, and grows by a new member approximately every second.

I use it daily for my business and have seen great things happen through it.



#1 Post Useful/Informative Links. Maybe a great article you’ve read that you think may help or inspire other,or maybe just a quote that could have the  same effect.One good way of letting people see how you think is by adding the Amazon bookshelf application,letting people know what has inspired you. Also be sure to put a link to your blog.


#2 Don’t send someone one of those invitation templates! Create your own templates by all means but don’t use the bog standard “I would like to add you to my network” thing. Put some personality into it!


#3 Join Groups. Look for some groups that are related to your business or niche,be active in it and get connecting.


#4 Write A Response! When someone sends you an invite, take a minute to write an actual response (even if you get a template invite!). Doing this not only will help someone to remember you but most often than not will generate a response.At that point you’re starting to get “social” and that puts you one step closer to real time!


#5 Get Involved..Start Talking! When you see a discussion in your groups that you feel you could contribute to…contribute to it! It’s adding good content and it’s getting you seen. I’ve had a few people contact me via Linkedin interested in my business and have started by saying “hey I saw your comment…”. So,trust me,it works!


#6 Start Your Own Discussion.This could be a subject that could generate interest to your own business,or just something you have a personal interest in.Either way,it’s drawing attraction to your best brand i.e. YOU! If you have people contributing to one of your discussions, acknowledge them publicly and follow it up with a personal message thanking them for what they have contributed.


#7 Be A Matchmaker! As you start building relationships you’ll more than likely come across people who have a business need or other question that somebody else you know has the expertise to help out with,so hook them up! You’re adding value to your network and at the same time doing people what could potentially be a huge favour.It will all comes back to you too…one way or another!


#8 Get On Peoples Radar Screen By Commenting On Their Discussions. How about inviting them into one of yours?


#9 Start Your Own Group. A great way to promote your personal brand,showing your own expertise and also promoting your niche. Plus another way of creating potentially great contacts.


#10 Make Regular Updates On Your Page. Keeping active is an obvious key to all social media activity,but if you’re spinning the plates of about 7 different Social Media platforms it can be difficult. First I’d question if that much Social Media is necessary and productive but anyway if you are active in 7 or just 2 or 3 it can be a good idea to link them. For example my tweets are shown on my Linkedin page. I wouldn’t advocate overdoing it though or people who are following what you’re doing and saying on social media are going to get bored seeing the same thing all over the place. Even if you do link,I would still recommend you allocate a time in your week if needs be to ensure you pay a visit to your Linkedin page and add some quality content or check out some discussions in your groups and leave a comment.

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