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In his book “Your Best Life Now” Joel Osteen tells a story about a man called Nick.

Nick worked at a railway yard. He was strong and healthy, was considered to be one of the yards best employees, and got along well with the other employees. Nick just had one major problem – he was chronically negative,and was known around his work place for it. He constantly worried,always expecting the worst.

One summers day when all the other workers had gone, somehow Nick accidentally locked himself in a refrigerated truck that had been brought into the yard for maintenance. When he realised that he was locked in,he panicked. Nick screamed and banged on the doors until his fists bled.But everyone had gone,and nobody heard him.

Aware that he was in a refrigerated truck he guessed that the temperature was well below freezing,maybe even as low as -15ÂșC. The more he thought about his circumstances the colder he got.

Knowing there was no way out he just gave up to his fate. He found a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note to his family. He wrote “Getting so cold.Body numb.If I don’t get out soon,these will be my last words”.

And they were.

The post-mortem revealed that Nick had indeed frozen to death.

Here is the fascinating enigma- The investigators discovered that the refrigeration unit in which Nick had died wasn’t even on! In fact it had been out of order for some time and wasn’t even functioning at the time of his death.

He had died in what was slightly less than room temperature because he believed that the truck that he was in was freezing.

You see right there an example of how powerful our minds are!!

Of course that is an example of the negative power of the mind. But the good news is where there is a negative,there is always a positive.

In case you aren’t aware why I entitled this post “As A Man Thinks…”, it’s because in The Bible there’s a verse that says (in Proverbs 3:27), “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

If someone thinks negative worried, fearful thoughts, then that person will become a negative, worried, fearful person.

But if you think positively and apply yourself positively within all aspects of your life then that is who you become,and you will reap the rewards of that way of thinking.

How powerful is it then to know that by having a mind that is set on the positive means that is who you become.

We draw into our lives what we constantly think about!


At the end of the day it comes down to choice. It’s about what path of thinking you allow to dictate the direction of your life.

Thinking negatively or even just apathetically is the easy option. I know someone (who will remain nameless!) who when he’s watching his team winning a game of football he will comment without fail “They’ll throw it all away now and lose the game.” The thinking behind this is if you prepare for the worst,you’re not going to be disappointed and if they win,then it’s a bonus!

This is SAFE negative thinking,which is restricted thinking!

People who think positively think like winners. They expect to breakthrough,they expect to succeed.They have the faith and conviction that it takes to win. And even if they don’t get the ultimate prize all the time,they know that they have gained so much by putting themselves out there,and will take that experience and all that they’ve learned and use it for the next time they go for it.

What are you allowing your mind to focus or dwell on?



#1 Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts IMMEDIATELY! Allowing that thought to stay there means it can take root..don’t let it.


#2 Look For Something Good In Your Circumstances. It can be hard to get out of hard times if you’re looking hard at them! Don’t be defeated by difficulties,but speak some truths into those times. Speaking out is important-don’t internalize. Speak about your strengths,about the good that you’re getting from that time,and that it’s just that-a’re not stuck there forever! You’ll get through and move forward.


#3 Fill Your Mind With Good Thoughts. Our emotions are created by a response to what we’re thinking about,so take in good thoughts and you will not only think good but feel good.


#4 Focus On Excellence..It’ll Move You Towards It!


#5 Dare To Believe For Great Things!


#6 Keep Your Vision In the Forefront Of Your Mind. Don’t allow disappointments,discouragements and rejections to rob you. They can be a mighty force to take you off course. But if you know your purpose,your “why”..whatever you want to call it..and keep it strong in your mind,it’ll help pull you through.Focus is essential to success.


#7 Set Your Mind To Positive At All Times. Not just when things are going good and you feel great and don’t have a care in the world,but in the tough times too.If you can do that,if you can be consistent and set your mind on success (and by that I mean to be all that you were created to be)then that is where you’ll see real breakthroughs in circumstances and character too-you’ll discover strengths in you that you didn’t think you had!

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